MUSIC MONDAY// Garden City Movement & James Blake

3/31/2014 08:00:00 AM

Hello lovely internet people! Today I wanted to share two of my music obsessions of the month of March. The first is a song/video that I stumbled upon during my mad scrolling sessions on tumblr and I was instantly blown away by the editing as well as the style of the video. It pairs with the music seamlessly and captures the essence of the song so well that I felt compelled to add it to my Music Monday list for all the world to enjoy. After listening to the song and watching the video for the umpteenth time, I remembered another video that I had been obsessed with a few years back that had a similar je ne sais quoi. 

Warning: explicit content. video contains nudity and sexual content. NSFW

Flash back to 2011 when I had just discovered Bon Iver and was tirelessly looking for something, anything of a similar vein. I had found Lindisfarne by complete accident one day when I was surfing youtube, as one does, and after watching the first two minutes of the video I was so intrigued and disgusted and triumphant because I had hit the musical jackpot. My love for James Blake was rekindled this month through the rediscovery of this music video. The video once again pairs so well with the song, giving the viewer a visual that mirrors the essence of the song.

 I feel like both of these videos have a quality of alienation and familiarity that pair so well with each other. Alienating in that there is this sort of intangible quality to each; in Move On it's the intangibility of another person's relationship, and in Lindisfarne it's the relationship of this group of youths. But then there is this connection with each of the protagonists that draw you back into the music: the heartbreak and the coming of age stories that are universal themes of the human experience. When I watch these videos it also gives me a sense of nostalgia for something I've never known. I get a sense of yearning for a daydream or a memory that was never real but I can't quite remember what the dream was. 

Let me know if you feel the same or if I'm just some crazy lady rambling on about two music videos.

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