Party Animal

3/23/2014 05:05:00 PM

Wearing: beanie from H&M, sweater and skirt from Forever21, shoes from Pacsun

Hello internet people. As nobody knows, seeing as this is a very new blog, I was the co-creator/contributor to the blog It was my first attempt at fashion blogging and it was absolutely amazing but unfortunately school and life got in the way and I wasn't able to keep up with a lot of the aspects of the blog and I felt that I was letting my partner down. Thus I decided to step down and let her take over the entire monster that is blogging and after a few months of great deliberation I have decided to create my own blog. It is a second attempt, a new venture into this amazing community, and this time I have no one to let down but myself. That being said, this outfit and the next few outfits are a repost of some that have already made their debut on baconsquared but do not fret as there will definitely be fresh new exciting content to come. So let the games begin... or something.

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