Spaced Out

4/07/2014 07:34:00 PM

Wearing: spaced out sweater from Forever21, dress shirt from TJmaxx, easy jeans from American Apparel, cutout boots from

Here's another outfit from my previous blog. Looking back on this freezing night, I am so happy that it is currently above 70 degrees. Summer is my favorite season, and I am a big fan of warm weather, and sunny days and I'm very fortunate that I live on the west coast for that particular reason. I am a bit sad that I didn't take more closeup photos of this outfit since there is this amazing star studding detail on the shoulders that matches the gold polka dots on my shirt. As this was only my second ever blog shoot I hope you understand and I will try my best to remember closeup shots for future outfit posts! I'm just not a huge jewelry wearer so I never remember to showcase all of the wonderful little details I sometimes take for granted in outfits. Maybe I should just buy more jewelry... My heart says yes but my wallet is screaming no.

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