Spring Flora

5/26/2014 03:06:00 PM

Wearing: fedora & silver choker from Forever21, cropped sweater & floral pants from Urban Outfitters, cutout boots from Pacsun, ear cuff and rings from H&M

Hello lovelies! First, I got a haircut! Over the last weekend I cut my hair and am in the process of donating it to a wonderful establishment called Children with Hair Loss. They are an amazing nonprofit organization that makes wigs for children, providing their services for free, and their organization is just absolutely amazing. Check out their website and maybe consider donating your hair if you're thinking of getting a haircut sometime in the future. It's a painless, free and easy way to give back and make a child smile so check out their website!

Secondly, spring has sprung and I am still in the monochrome rut that is winter clothing. I recently purchased these dark floral pants and was so on the fence as to whether or not to keep them. Thankfully, after styling this exact outfit, I received so many compliments after wearing it out that I have been convinced that it is indeed okay to own more than one pair of slouchy pants. These have completely replaced my leggings as the prints are so much nicer than my plain black, now quite boring leggings, and it might just be some weird psychological thing going on but I think these pants are more flattering too. Silver jewelry has been my life after purchasing this silver choker from Forever21 for a school costume, and I have been getting so much wear out of my fedora. The haircut really makes me super duper in love with this hat even more than I previously was. I also love that the flowers are blooming here and everything is just brighter and warmer. I think I just need to start incorporating those warm feelings into my wardrobe.

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