Trolley Depot

5/19/2014 03:27:00 PM

Wearing: top from Pacsun, flannel from H&M, shorts from American Apparel, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, sneakers from Vans

Hello lovely internet people! Sorry for the short hiatus, school has taken over my life for the moment. Fortunately, things have simmered down in the school front and I am no longer flailing around from all the deadlines that are up and coming. It feels so good to finally have my thesis printed out and handed to my professors, though I do have to defend it on Wednesday and I am pretty nervous but also excited that my year is coming to an end. I adore school but I'm ready to take a break and just explore the world and relax and learn on my own time.

That paragraph took a tangent. Back to the outfit! This outfit was taken at The Grove in Los Angeles quite a while ago. Cher from SquaredBacon and I found this lovely little gem of a location at the end of the trolley line and decided to snap a few pics before the trolley came back. Los Angeles was so lovely when we visited and we even spotted a few youtubers that we follow, though we didn't approach any of them. It was upwards of 75 degrees when we were there so I was extremely excited to pull out my favorite high waisted shorts and my new cropped tank and it was so nice to be warm for a change. I'm hoping the weather will warm up here soon. I am super excited for summer and the adventures that it brings.

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