6/02/2014 04:08:00 PM

Hello lovely people! I haven't done a Music Monday in a couple months so I figured I'd share one of my favorite artists of all time. Her name is Jayme Dee, as the post title says and her voice is absolutely amazing. When I first stumbled upon this lovely lady's youtube channel I was floored. She made me rediscover a lot of my old favorite songs and also made me love some of the top 40 drivel that had been so overplayed that I wanted to rip the radio out every time I heard a song. Her style is so soulful and her album came out not too long ago. In fact, when she first posted a teaser of all of the songs that were on the chopping block of her freshman album I would listen to those small snippets over and over, dreaming of when the day would come when I could hold that album in my hands. 

This video right here is one of my favorite covers of hers. The original song has been played to its grave and its revival lies in the beautiful soulful style of Jayme Dee. The things that she does with songs moves me, and I heard she is in the works of her sophomore album. Needless to say I am beyond excited and cannot even begin to fathom the songs that she is writing. Check out her album on itunes if you have the chance because her upbeat tracks will not disappoint. In fact, her songs were pretty much my summertime soundtrack last year. I'm thinking this year's going to be pretty similar.
Have any summer tracks you want to recommend? Leave a comment down below!

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