8/13/2014 03:00:00 AM

Wearing: sunglasses from Lovely Wholesale, leather jacket from Forever21, tank top from American Eagle, denim shorts from Hollister, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, sandals from Walmart

Hello Lovelies! I can't believe that fall is finally rearing its head and summer is slowly going away. Although it's still a bit warm here in California, it's nothing like how it was a few weeks ago. This photo is from the very beginning of summer, a throwback if you will. There's a little roundabout at the end of the road where I used to live and although it's super creepy when I had to walk home from school at night, in the daytime it's absolutely gorgeous. The trees from my college town are just so breathtaking and being surrounded by nature is one of my favorite things. In fact it's one of the reasons why I love my college so much. I'm definitely going to miss the gorgeous morning walks to school and the cows and the deer sightings but I'm definitely looking forward to moving somewhere completely different. But that topic is for another time. Hope you enjoy my first stab at an (almost) all white outfit. 

What's your favorite season? Let me know in the comments! Mine is summer hands down.

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