FEATURED// Tragic Couturist

9/04/2014 06:58:00 AM

        Hello Lovelies! So my blog has been quite different over the last month and I want to continue to experiment with posts and just grow as a blogger. I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by Tiffany Dillon and basically the award is used as a kind of tool to better know the blogger that was nominated and to promote other bloggers and basically strengthen the bonds of the blogging community. I think that this is a great idea, but I don't want to be limited by the set number that the award says and long story short, it's a great stepping stone but it's not exactly the type of post that I want on my blog. For one thing, the person nominated in turn nominates eleven other people, but these links often get overlooked and if I find a blog that I particularly like and want to share, I want them to be the sole focus. Also, there's just too much clutter and too much information that goes into one post so instead of doing that, I want to do a step better. This month, I want to start a new blog series that features one blog that I love, and I hope that I can continue this little series in the months to come. I expect nothing in return and I just want to spread the love and feature some really awesome people with some really awesome content! Of course, I won't be able to answer the questions that I've been given, but I'm not too interesting anyway and maybe I'll save the questions for a video or something. So without further ado...


          This month's feature is Tiffany Dillion of Tragic Couturist. She is such a genuine and awesome person who actually engages with your blog and all of the content in it. In this day and age where anyone and everyone can create their own blog, Tiffany is in it for the long run and she's here to contribute to the community first and foremost rather than promote herself through mindless commenting. Her photo editing is as unique as the outfits that she posts and her style is an effortless amalgamation that draws inspiration from every corner of the fashion world. Eclectic and laid back with vibe that throws back to the idle nature of royalty lounging about in their Sunday best. I was very much drawn to her black and white ensembles; a girl after my own heart, but of course her style speaks volumes more than just monochrome. There is something Je ne sais quoi about the way she dresses that just intrigues me so and I am just very very happy to introduce her to you all (granted you could have already stumbled on her blog, in which case I don't need to keep telling you about the awesomeness you've experienced firsthand).

          Don't take it from me though. Go check out her blog and see for yourself! Did I mention she also does nail art? Anyway, here's to you Tiffany! I hope you don't mind why I didn't tell you why I wanted to use your pictures.

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