3/03/2015 12:00:00 AM

Hello lovely internet people! I had an outfit photo that I wanted to upload, but because it was a spur of the moment photo shoot, I am sans makeup and the lot of photos was pretty much unusable. I had actually originally taken the image for instagram so all of the photoset is me in the same pose. Uploading a bunch of photos of me just standing and looking the camera straight in the lens with no makeup on is too mortifying for me to even think about, so I decided to take a gif from a future video and combine it with the outfit photo to make a Frankenstein-esque post. They are two things that shouldn't have made it into a blog post but miraculously did. Like two halves that made a whole. I hope that makes as much sense out loud as it does in my brain.

Wearing: tribal cardigan & crop top from Forever 21, leggings from Nike, shoes from H&M, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs 

I may do a reshoot of this outfit if I can find the time to. It's finally warming up in Hong Kong which means that soon I'll be able to get away with wearing stuff like this outside of the comfort of my heated home. I'm hoping that these past few days of warm weather aren't just taunting me, though in the past we have had random warm days and then just crap cold weather the rest of the time. Fingers crossed!

Wearing: hat and blazer from Forever21, sports bra from Nike, pants from Uniqlo, shoes from H&M

I can't wait to show you the stuff I have prepped for the month, though it's my busiest month yet. Midterms are coming up and I am not prepared in the least... In happier news, this is the first gif that I have ever made and I am very proud to show you all. If you think you can guess what the video is going to be about from this very obscure hint, take a guess in the comments! 

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