Plaid Transitions

3/30/2015 11:10:00 AM

Spring in Hong Kong is experiencing some cold feet at the moment. One week, it's warm, the next it's back to winter, and these constant highs and lows are not ideal. To combat the ever changing weather, I've devised an outfit that is my best attempt at keeping up with the climate. A transitional outfit if you will.

Wearing: plaid shirt from H&M, varsity jacket from Zara, sky-high waisted jeans from American Eagle, sneakers from Nike

I am not graceful at transitions. The hints of winter still linger in my closet and once I am in that winter rut, I usually remain there until midsummer. I blame it mostly on my inability to comprehend actual weather since I grew up in the Bay Area... that and my love for monochrome. One of the things I usually do to help myself with transitioning is recycle Autumn outfits. Color slowly makes its way back into my wardrobe though I usually have to start with quite dark colors as if my eyes need to adjust. My brain re-wires itself to start working in colors into my morning routine, and next thing you know I'll be sporting pink and yellows and neon greens! (or not because let's face it, my summer wardrobe is still mostly monochrome). 

Spring transitional outfits don't have to be bright or light in my opinion. I think that having lighter neutrals to transition with is a great way to slowly brighten up a wardrobe, but there's also nothing wrong with taking those Autumn pieces or styling them to match the weather rather than the perception of the season. What tips do you have to transition into a Spring/Summer wardrobe? I'd love to read your tips in the comments!

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