Roll Up

3/09/2015 01:24:00 AM

Hello Lovelies! Today's post ended a bit long due to all of the images that made the cut but I do love the way that they all turned out. If you want to see for yourself, check them out after the jump.

Wearing: jacket from Forever 21, panther sweater from Pacsun, easy jean from American Apparel, trainers from Nike, rings from H&M

Was that too many images? I hope not haha. I'm usually extremely picky when choosing images from a shoot, and if something is even a tiny bit off, I refuse to upload it. I don't know if this shoot was particularly successful or if I've just become more relaxed about the choosing process, but either way I'm glad that there is more to see. Neither of the reasons is bad in my opinion, and it's more to share with you all!

I felt quite clever when I styled this outfit. A particularly interesting thing about this jacket is that it has a zip on both ends of the sleeve that seemed so pointless in my opinion, that is until I discovered that it looked amazing rolled up. Not only does it add to the versatility of the way that I can wear this jacket (hello extra autumn outerwear), it's also now a really unique look that I can't get enough of. I loved this jacket when I first picked it up, and now I'm glad that I can wear it a little longer until summer comes around. And I'm still very excited for summer to come around. 

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