MUSIC MONDAY// Spring Something

4/06/2015 01:30:00 AM

 Hello Lovelies! I hope that spring is finally coming around your area and it's warming up your spirits. Hong Kong kind of skipped seasons and is pretty much in summer mode and I am melting my insides out as I type this. I love warm weather, so I'm not complaining... much, and I thought I'd share this playlist to welcome the sun. This was quite a hard playlist for me to put together because in my brain there are summer songs and there are winter songs, and all songs can pretty much fall into those two categories. So this playlist is a new kind of venture for me. While compiling the songs I was thinking about the warming weather and the thawing of ice (even though there is barely even rain here in Hong Kong let alone ice) and I wanted to capture that feeling of the ice slowly melting away and the excitement of warmer months finally coming around. Let me know your favorite tracks down below, or if you have any songs that you think capture the essence of spring. I'm always looking for new music and I'd love to hear your spring tracks!

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