MUSIC MONDAY// Alina Baraz, Galimantias, and Lianne La Havas

5/11/2015 01:00:00 AM

April was a curveball kind of month. I don't think I've grown so much as in the last few weeks and it's been difficult and jam packed and I am very sorry I haven't been creating as much content as I would like to be. I can feel May being entirely different in tone and it's only been a week (I also apologize for the late Music Monday. I know it's supposed to be the first Monday of the month). I want to bottle up this feeling for days where I feel discouraged and lethargic and I really hope that this outlook on life stays with me. I know it's a bit deep for a Music Monday but I've been thinking a lot about everything and I think it's time I start living up to the lifestyle part of my blog description.

We're taking this back to old school Music Mondays when I used to suggest one or two songs that I've been obsessing over. Fantasy by Alina Baraz and Galimantias doesn't come with a music video, but the audio orgasm that you're about to experience needs no visuals to cloud its perfection. Something about this song combines all of the things that I love about this genre of music into one chill song that I could listen to on repeat forever. The intro is classic but it's her voice that hooks me in and refuses to let me go. The simple chord progression leaves me speechless and her seductive voice just coerces me in all the right ways, and when that beat drops its utter eargasms for days. This song also reminds me of all of the other songs that I've heard in this style but just takes it a step up. It's the perfect amount of manipulation, not too overproduced, and just so smooth. Alina and Galimatias's other songs are flawless as well so I'd definitely check out their entire discography if you like this song. I just had to highlight this one because it's my favorite but all of their songs are on par.

Interestingly enough this second song doesn't have a video either. I'm absolutely in love with the way that Lianne sings the word Unstoppable. Something about the weight that she gives it makes me believe that I am in fact unstoppable. The song is uplifting without being corny, and now that summer is coming fast all I want to listen to is songs that make me feel relaxed and riding on good vibes and this song does that perfectly for me. Lianne's voice has a bit of a Zooey Deschanel mixed with Corinne Bailey Rae mixed with something all her own and I love it.

In fact both of these songs remind me a bit of Corinne Bailey Rae, who was one of my favorite artists during my troubled teen years. They're completely different genres but something about the three voices just brings back a bit of nostalgia and familiarity that I could immediately pinpoint. This may lead to a throwback playlist for next month since I am currently digging through my musical archives. I guess you'll just have to wait until next month to find out. Until then, I hope you enjoy these two awesome tracks as much as I do.

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