FILM DIARIES// China 2015

6/30/2015 12:34:00 PM

A few months ago I found myself on a short 3 day trip to China. With my film camera in hand, I documented as much as I could and I figured I'd share these photos with you. 

There's something about film that I will always love much more than any pixel on a screen. With digital images I am endlessly tweaking and adjusting every little detail, but film is simpler. Harder in many ways, but so rewarding when you finally have the physical prints in your hands. 

The thing that struck me most about this trip was how different China was compared to how I used to see it. Although most of what I documented were sights that you'd rarely see in America, I distinctly remember this one grocery store that I stumbled into that had almost the exact same interior as a Wal-Mart. All of a sudden China wasn't this strange and foreign place where I didn't understand the culture or the language. It wasn't just another vacation destination, and it wasn't a political power that I heard about in passing when people argued about politics. It was something closer to home. 

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