FILM DIARIES// 京都 Kyoto & 奈良 Nara 2016

1/25/2017 03:00:00 AM

Here is part two of the Japan film diaries as promised. During the second half of our trip we visited Nara Park and Kyoto. It's interesting how different the cities were. Their own personalities really captured me and made me acutely aware of how much more attentive I needed to be when exploring all cities.

Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社

A small street food vendor in Inari

Waiting for the train at Inari station
The places we explored within Kyoto were definitely more subdued in comparison to the area of Osaka where we stayed. Though we were only a few blocks away from Kyoto station, the town was much quieter at night which I (being a suburban native) preferred over the buzz of the Osaka nights. The night calm felt familiar to me in a way that my childhood hometown feels in the wee hours of the morning. Something was wonderfully comforting about that.

Taking the bus like a local

The conductor pulled up the blinds when he saw us peeking
Japanese trains are by far my favorite form of transportation. Watching the conductor was like watching a perfectly executed dance. One that has precision and mathematics, not unlike Bauhaus ballet or early Cunningham. The cars are cozy as well and the ride is smooth and extremely quiet, something that is entirely different from the loud and lurching MTR in Hong Kong.

Hozukyo Station: by far my favorite train station in Japan

Sunset at Higashiyama 東山区

Looking up at Kyoto Station

A hungry deer at Nara park
There were so many more deer photos that I couldn't include in this already massive post. They were absolutely adorable and they've been trained to bow when asking for food which just melts my heart. Believe me when I say my iphone space has been completely taken over by videos and photos of deer doing all different kinds of things, from eating to napping to nibbling butts (yes I am not exaggerating in the slightest) and it just makes me so happy.

Me and bae at Nara

A fawn just chillin out
The only thing that isn't included in both photo sets is all of the amazing food that we devoured on this trip. It definitely would have been overkill to post those photos and I actually don't really like taking film photos of food. I'd much prefer to use those exposures for things like deer. I really did enjoy going through these photos again and I am so inspired to capture more with film and continue on with my analogue journey despite my noob status. I really really liked the fact that I didn't have to exam and re-exam every shot I took and I could just snap something and not worry about it and just enjoy the beauty that is Japan. Sure there were a few photos that didn't turn out well but that's all in practice and I am slowly but surely getting better. I definitely recommend film if you just want to enjoy the moment instead of being preoccupied with whether or not that was the perfect angle.

Just know I will be staring at these photo sets dreaming of the day when I can return to Japan. Until next time.

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