The Buildings of Hong Kong

3/05/2017 03:30:00 AM

I've recently been quite inspired by the buildings of Hong Kong. Something about the pastels feels tropical but urban due to their towering heights. Whether it's the suburbs or the city, the colour palette of these places are echoed all throughout, and the iconic pastels coexisting along side the textured gritty greys and asphalt stirs something in me.

Among the chaos of final presentations and exams, there's quite a calming quality of staring up at the sky and sometimes seeing buildings and sometimes seeing sky. This time of year, despite being the busiest time of the year, has some of the most comforting weather to offer. It's clear skies and mild winter reminds me of San Francisco on it's most crisp winter mornings. The warmer days remind me of home. Humidity hasn't made its way into the weather yet, so I'm left with nostalgia and clarity and a subtle sense that my past is in good company with my present and my future. 

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