The Golden Gate Bridge & Fort Point

8/30/2017 05:00:00 PM

As someone who has lived near the Golden Gate Bridge for the majority of her life, I don't go visit it often enough. I remember distinctly as a child not knowing where the bridge was but knowing it was somewhere in San Francisco, and being more familiar with the iconic postcard photo than the real thing. In my lifetime I've probably only been to the bridge a handful of times and driven on it even less. As it is notorious for being covered by the lovely San Francisco fog (which everyone seems to have named Karl) the day that we went was no exception.

Tallest level of Fort Point

Looking up at the start of the bridge

Peering through the legs of the bridge

To my knowledge I have probably also never been to Fort Point or even knew of its existence until this very trip. It's extremely easy to explore your own backyard when your backyard just happens to be San Francisco. Here's a mental note to myself to be a tourist more often, wherever I am.

The American Flag blowing in the wind

Torpedo Wharf

View of Torpedo Wharf form Fort Point

This was my first time shooting with black and white film and the fort and bridge turned out to be perfect subjects. Although it isn't my preferred method of shooting, there is something very romantic about the architectural structure of the bridge standing strong in contrast to the fog. It's definitely something to experiment with in the future, even though I am endlessly in love with colour.

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