A Summer in San Francisco

9/13/2017 05:23:00 PM

In lieu of bombarding these posts with photo after photo of San Francisco I thought I'd separate this visit home into two parts. After combing through the original photo set I felt that these photos depicted a more sterile but still enchanting version of San Francisco and decided to make a second post. These photos are much less nostalgic than the last photo set. They serve more as a curious exploration into parts of the bay that I've never been to. 

A small beach hidden away in the suburbs of Pacifica

A building across the way from the SFMOMA

Illinois St. San Francisco

Illinois St. San Francisco

Next year I want to make it a goal to explore even more parts of the city. This summer has opened my eyes to all of the amazing places that I've yet to experience. I need to immerse myself further in the place which I grew up. It gives me a fresh set of eyes to see the rest of the world with.

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