Bay Area Summer '17

9/06/2017 05:18:00 PM

As I'm clinging on to the last signs of summer, I wanted to share a bit of what I've captured throughout my stay at home. I went on a few excursions around various neighbourhoods capturing an eclectic mix of moments that caught my eye and although it's a bit of a mess in terms of curation I hope you enjoy it all the same. 

The obsession with suburbia in pop culture has skyrocketed these last few years. With the rise of social media more and more youth are creating content in the small towns where they live, and this insight into a quieter world that lies just beyond city borders is breeding fascination. I grew up in a small town in the suburbs. The small houses, the nuclear family, the iconic white picket fence all speak to my childhood and the core of my existence. The duality between the suburbs of California and the suburbs of Hong Kong (if you could call it that) make me feel similarly despite all of the numerous differences. I'm obsessed with the atmosphere that these places create, and walking through these neighbourhoods in the Bay Area always peak that interest.

When I do visit the city of San Francisco, I'm floored by all of the places that I haven't yet been to. Cities are daunting a lot of the time. They are sites that overwhelm the senses, cities that are well known especially, so finding quiet in places like San Francisco are a haven for me. Exploring the industrial area of Dogpatch, and then slowly making my way over to Mission District eased me into the bustle of the Mission. Not to mention this particular day was blessed with blue skies, which eased my frantic mind.

Beaches in the Bay are notorious for being cold and miserable all throughout the summer months save a few days. Although the surfers don't seem to mind, tourists tend to stay away from the cold weather and even colder waters. I am a bit ashamed to say that I am no exception and haven't been to a beach in the bay since forever ago. I drove past Pacifica beaches at least a dozen times last summer when I was volunteering for a small theatre company without a second thought of stopping by to enjoy all it had to offer. This summer I finally set foot on one of those beaches, before sunrise no less, and the changing colours in the sky were absolutely amazing (though admittedly we were facing the wrong direction so we didn't actually see the sun rise but the main purpose for being at the beach was not to see the sunrise).

Sunrise at Rockaway Beach, Pacifica

Before I left the Bay I did enjoy the true tourist experience at least one time by visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite low visibility and crap weather, it was challenging and interesting to try and capture a place that has been photographed by so many people over and over again. The images of the bridge are burned into my memory forever. The post cards, the tourism photos, the symbol of San Francisco; the bridge is iconic. 

I am already itching to go back to the states. There was not enough time to capture and explore all of the things that I wanted to, and there will definitely be an addendum to this post because I couldn't fit all of the photos into a single post. Looking forward to share the second set of photos with you all soon.

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