Zürich - Switzerland 2017

9/27/2017 05:08:00 PM

In August I had the pleasure of visiting Switzerland for the first time. As someone who doesn't often have the chance to go to Europe, I was ecstatic to take everything in. I spent the majority of my three week journey in Zurich. Amid the chaos of the central shopping district and the steady flow of the Limmat, I wandered the city awestruck. 

No matter how much time I could have been given in this city, by the end of my trip I desperately wanted to stay. Zurich is hardly a city at all from someone who has lived in Hong Kong for three years. It feels instead like a suburb that happens to have a lot culture, events, museums, etc sprawled out into various parts of the same place. It's a contrast for sure, a welcome one.

This first post is an examination of the initial architecture that I saw throughout various parts of Zurich. Especially along the Limmat, I would pass these places day in and day out without giving it much thought. On the first week and during the last week, I visited and revisited these spaces in order to better capture my feeling towards them and Zurich as a whole. 

As lovely as it is, the city often feels like it's missing something. The bustling city center is teeming with tourists but nowhere else do you feel this liveliness. The Swiss life is subtler. Their energy lies in things that do not promote chaos. Dignity in quiet. Steadiness.

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